CULA introduces new APM feature(EN)

by Kuba

Posted on Wed Jan 10 13:40:00 GMT 2018

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Explore the possibilities of a new CULA feature. CULA

Let’s get real… monitoring is what? Fundamental.

Every website owner should take matters into their own hands and make sure their website performs as well as it is expected to. Downtime is likely to discourage your site users - it’s like setting off to your favourite restaurant and seeing the sign ‘Sorry, we’re closed” on the door. Bummer! Even a simple monitoring tool can do the trick and let you know when your website is unavailable by sending a text message or an email.

CULA provides website monitoring services that will help you understand your site’s performance better. You can easily explore your website availability, server stability and popularity ranking. Those tools are easy to use, even a total beginner will quickly find their way around them.

However, CULA is ready to tackle a new challenge and introduce a new, powerful APM feature. Application Performance Management may sound complicated and the truth is… it is complicated. Still, its benefits can help you deal with a lot of issues your site might be experiencing. APM goes deeper into the performance of your website analysing a variety of factors that might be affecting its behaviour.

Our venture into the world of server monitoring has resulted in a feature with LINUX and WINDOWS users in mind. Our step-by-step guides will walk you through the setting-up process and in 10 minutes you will be able to start monitoring your servers, reliably and for free. Don't wait up, those servers are not gonna monitor themselves!

Cula, Katowice, Poland