Free monitoring tools - a comparison (EN)

by Kuba

Posted on Mon Nov 20 12:32:17 GMT 2017

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Free monitoring tools - a comparison CULA

The necessity of website monitoring is unquestionable as it can support your online business in a variety of ways. We have decided to take an insightful look into a number of free website monitoring tools and explore what they can do for you.

We compared 5 similar active webmonitoring tools: StatusCake, Uptime Robot, Uptime Doctor, !nsping and CULA. We focused on the 9 important functionalities available free of charge. The parameters highlighted in green represent the best features while the ones marked red show the worst options. The rest is simply on an average level.

Figure 1: Free tools comparison table

In the near future, CULA is going to introduce monitoring from different zones, change its look'n'feel, and improve the presentation of data. Due to the aforementioned changes, we genuinely believe that CULA can stand out among other free monitoring tools.

Each freemium tool comes with its limitations. Make an informed decision before you pick your tool of choice.

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