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by Kuba

Posted on Fri Sep 15 12:30:33 GMT 2017

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About website availabilityCULA

There is no escape from online business and its growth. The brick-and-mortar approach is often ruled out from day one and business owners focus on their online presence only. The benefits of such a modus operandi include being available 24/7* and being able to communicate with one's clients efficiently. On the other hand, making sure that your website runs seamlessly requires a lot of work. One of the most common issues online business have to face is your site's availability, which is presented in more detail below.

Who hasn't seen a failure notice like the one below. Sometimes things just go south...Ilustracja 1: Przykładowy komunikat błędu

If it's a bored-panda kind of website it's not the end of the world. However, you wouldn't like it to happen to your online business. Each second of being down can result in losing a potential customer, and what's more, the situation may get ugly when the problem persists and your business begins loosing face in online communities. You start wondering how to remedy this mess, how to make sure your website is available at all times. As perfect as that state would be, it's genuinely hard to achieve perfection.

Ilustracja 2: Tabela dostępności https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_availability


99% - wow, that's quite an achievement one might think. In truth, it means 14 minutes and 24 seconds of unavailability daily. Climbing the availability ladder will increase the overheads but keep calm and take care of your business. Especially if you are a business owners who is not really fluent in geekspeak. Then, touch wood, you might be easily taken advantage of by an IT sham and you are just a click away from losing business.

We've carried out an experiment. 1000 URLs were selected to be monitored. Averagely popular sites were picked as well (Google search, pages 10 to 20). Various business fields and countries. We ran 23360000 tests and 1473162 of them failed. It all comes down to:

(1473162 × 100) ÷ 23360000 6,306%

The result is horrifying. More than 6% of unavailability. In short, a business owner needs to be fully aware of what goes on with their websites.

You're lucky when a client lets you know your site is unavailable. But how many of your new visitors will simply walk away? Can you afford to make such an impression? That's why we created CULA - it's a simple tool that will keep you informed and will let you react as soon as things fall flat. It monitors your site's, or its part's**, availability 24/7. Protect your online image with CULA.Ilustracja 3: Screenshot aplikacji CULA

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* - ...almost. Such availability is really hard to be achieved.
** - CULA offers a content-check feature.
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