Website monitoring in a nutshell

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Posted on Wed Jun 05 14:17:51 GMT 2019

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Website monitoring in a nutshell. CULA

Checking website uptime could have been nominated...

...for being the most time-consuming and boring job in the world if we had to do it manually. Imagine doing a test if your site is up every two minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Fortunately, there are automated tools which can help us out with fulfilling that task, almost without any effort. But what is hidden behind a phrase website monitoring? It's tracking the availability, response time and performance of a website, so every user can access it and have as good experience as possible.

If you care about your online reputation, that is one of the basic and most crucial tasks to do. Online presence is priceless, for example, for e-commerce business owners, where majority of its revenue comes through the Internet. Of course, not only for them. Millions of bloggers, Web Masters and Web Devs, SEO specialists, SaaS owners any many more must know if their websites are up or not.

Sites go down from time to time and it's natural until it won't last for too long. Not a single site on the web is up for 100% of the time, but we constantly must ask: when will next downtime happen and what can I do to shorten it? When your site has a problem and you're not aware of it, the consequences might be terrifying. First of all - from the top of the head - the biggest result of downtime is losing viewers, clients, and potential leads = MONEY. Everyone feels disappointed when they cannot access a website, not speaking about their favorite ones. What comes next is lack of trust from the users' side - your business reputation can be harmed irreversibly. Whenever it is a company or a single website owner, the feeling of embarrassment is certain, you just look unreliable.

So what can be done as a step one to prevent from such unpleasant results? Start monitoring your website performance and availability now. Act ASAP, check alert notification and HTTP error code which caused the downtime and do the needful to fix the problem before anyone will notice! In CULA's free account, you can add up to 50 URLs for monitoring with 2 minutes ping interval. Give it a try and let us do the work for you!

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