Cula: how it actually works (EN)

by Szymon

Posted on Thu Aug 02 12:02:00 GMT 2018

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How does Cula monitoring work? CULA

Have you ever wondered how website or server monitoring actually work under the hood?
I am going to depict the whole process to make it clear to you.

You add your website to CULA

CULA starts monitoring your website

CULA sends an HTTP Request and waits for the response.

Processing the response and showing it

From this response CULA can read your website's status and calculate response time (in milliseconds). When your site is reachable, it can be shown on the graph in a form of a point.
Yes, all that happened until now is just to show you one point. CULA repeats the whole procedure every two minutes (or in shorter intervals depending on your plan):

What if my site is down?

If CULA sees the bad response code, it will shot it on the graph as well as notify you through all channels you have connected to your account: e-mails, Slack, Pushover.

Important note: if you want to be notified, make sure your alarms for a specific website/server are enabled and the number of minutes of unavailability is selected. (i.e. if you select "10 minutes" and your website in unreachable for 4 minutes you will not be notified).

I hope you have a better understanding of website and server monitoring now. Thank you!
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