Monitor with NodeJS (EN)

by Kumek

Posted on Wed Jun 27 18:02:00 GMT 2018

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NodeJS Monitoring CULA

NodeJS has settled in for good. The CULA team has implemented the option of receiving parameters from the NodeJS application.

Just place the automatically generated code from the panel as part of the application. By default, the automatically generated code tracks the parameters as the percentage of processor usage by the application and more advanced as the memory broken down into heap total, heap used, rss (Resident Set Size).

Please make sure to place cula_apm_script.js in the same folder as the file you saved the autogenerated CULA script in.

In the next post, we will describe how to connect Cylon.JS (framework for robotics) to receive parameters from the environment and then send them to

Have a look at that powerful feature and let us know what you think. Start a free account here

Cula, Katowice, Poland