Server monitoring 101 (EN)

by Kuba

Posted on Thu Jan 25 13:40:00 GMT 2018

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Server monitoring is a truly creative beast. A skilled software engineer will find tens of ways of implementing it to collect data from a large variety of processes. Follow our series of articles to discover how to use server monitoring on a rudimentary level as well as how to go to town on it.

There are a lot of costly tools available online but CULA can give it to you for free. All you need to do is start a free account here. What's more, CULA will store your history so that you can access it at any time to help you discover the root cause of any issues you've been dealing with.



Monitoring your CPU is fundamentally fundamental! It’s your server’s overall well-being. Monitoring its behaviour will teach you a lot about the processes that your machine needs to deal with. Specifying thresholds and being notified when the server exceeds them can save you a lot of headache and will help you understand what kind of computing power you or your company actually require.


We’ve all been there! Tens of processes happening at the same time? Your server cannot handle it! Your random-access memory is key and monitoring it can help you find out about any hurdles your server needs to tackle.

Disk space

Storing logs on your server? Running out of space? This simple monitoring trick will keep you informed about the current state of your disk space and will enable you to purge it when necessary.

Sign into CULA and begin using our server monitoring straight away. Be as creative as you need to be.

Are you a WINDOWS user? Read this article to set everything up. More into LINUX? Read this article to find out more.

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